Teeth Whitening: What Does It Entail?

Teeth Whitening: What Does It Entail?

Jun 01, 2021

Clean white teeth are most times, an indication of a healthy oral lifestyle. The teeth serve a lot of purposes in the mouth and therefore should be well taken care of. One of the ways to help keep the teeth healthy is by teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening is a process of bleaching the teeth with the use of whitening agents to whiten or lighten their existing colour. The teeth like every other part of the body, wear out due to their consistent use. This wears out in the teeth might come in form of discolouration due to tartar, and other personal habits. This might render it unattractive and even pave way for other major teeth infections.

The teeth as very important members of the mouth, aid food ingestion, speech and other important human action. Therefore, a major dysfunction in them might lead to the inability to carry out these basic but essential functions. This is why proper care should be given to the teeth and your oral health generally. A major way to take care of teeth problems such as discolouration is teeth whitening.

To cut down risks to the barest minimum, teeth whitening should only be done by dental professionals. You could get book a teeth whitening appointment with a dental professional by simply looking up “teeth whitening near me”. You could also look up “teeth whitening in Richmond Hill, NY” to get a risk-free, affordable and professional service. Teeth whitening is also a form of dentistry, so when performed by dental professionals, you have nothing to worry about. Illegal services offered by beauty salons in the absence of a trained dental professional pose a considerable amount of risk. You could also purchase a DIY kit, but with reduced results and slight risk.

Why Does A Need For Teeth Whitening Arise?

A newborn baby is born naturally with clean white teeth but the same thing cannot be said after a few years. So, why do we need teeth whitening?

Dental plaques and tartar. A plaque is a sticky bacteria-filled film that coats the teeth. It forms as a result of the mixing of the bacteria in your mouth and the starchy or sugary food you ingest. If not removed promptly, it hardens to become tartar. Dental plaques can lead to tooth damage, tooth decay and tooth loss. A simple appointment with a teeth whitening dentist will eliminate the chances of any tooth damage caused by dental plaques.

Secondly, the teeth like the skin, have pores(tiny holes) in them. These pores absorb the colour from food and drinks you take in and discolour the teeth after a long period. Discoloured teeth look unattractive and sometimes irritating to other people. This is another reason to consider teeth whitening.

Personal habits and choice of food play a big role in the discolouration of your teeth. A habit like smoking is a leading cause of teeth discolouration, the rapid buildup of plaques and other oral health problems. Teeth whitening can help you restore your teeth to their natural colour and maintain it.

The price of teeth whitening is cheap in comparison to other teeth cosmetic procedures. Teeth whitening in Richmond hill promises affordable and professional services.

Finally, teeth whitening boosts your oral hygiene. It gives you confidence and boosts your self-esteem.

How Teeth Whitening Is Done

The most commonly used method of teeth whitening is professional bleaching. This is done with the use of a whitening agent that contains 15%-35 of hydrogen peroxide. This whitening gel is applied to your teeth by the dental professional after putting the necessary safety checks in place. The process is a painless one and you have nothing to worry about as long as it is handled by a dental professional.

The result of teeth whitening is a set of sparkling white teeth. This could last for months to years depending on your diet and habits.

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