Partials and Dentures in Richmond Hill, NY

When someone loses a permanent tooth, it can have lasting effects on a person’s oral health, self-confidence, and lifestyle. Unfortunately, as people grow older, it is common to lose many or even all of their teeth. This loss can be attributed to a variety of factors, including genetics, poor oral hygiene, and even physical trauma, like falling and hitting the mouth.

Losing so many teeth can be difficult. Individuals need to adjust to having trouble with regular activities like eating and can have several common ailments like a thinning jawbone or even facial collapse. To help prevent these issues, you can look at partials and dentures near you.

At Caring Dentistry of Queens, we develop personalized partials and dentures at our office in Richmond Hill, NY. These are designed to fit your unique oral structure comfortably and are based on your personal measurements and preferences.

What Are Partials and Dentures?

Partials and dentures are oral appliances designed to replace missing teeth. They consist of two layers: a small portion of a gum-like flexible structure that sits against your natural gums, and then a layer of synthetic teeth.

Partials are designed for individuals who still have some of their natural teeth. The appliance fits around the remaining ones so patients can still use their regular teeth. Full dentures are when someone needs an entire row of synthetic teeth.

How Do They Fit?

Partials and dentures are designed to fit comfortably against the gums. They are held in place using a temporary sealant during the day, or our dentist can install the appliances using permanent implants. To make room in the mouth and ensure your comfort, our dentist might need to shave and flatten the gum tissue. This creates a firm, even surface.

When you wear dentures, the majority are able to be taken out at night. This improves your comfort while sleeping and allows you to clean them overnight with ease.

How to Receive

If you are interested in getting partials or dentures, or if you would like adjustments made to a preexisting pair, come see us at Caring Dentistry of Queens in Richmond Hill, NY. We are a certified provider of partials and dentures in Richmond Hill, NY that focuses on your comfort and long-lasting oral health and hygiene.

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