Endodontics in Richmond Hill, NY

Endodontics is a specific field of dentistry that deals with particular dental diseases and their treatments. Endodontics is concerned with the root canal. The root canal is the core of the tooth. It contains nerves, vessels, and what is otherwise known as the pulp. While all dentists can deal with problems affecting other parts of our teeth, endodontists are experts when it comes to root canals.

Root canals are now commonly used to refer to the procedure used to treat them. The distinction still has to be made, however, that the root canal is the core of the tooth. At Caring Dentistry of Queens, we can provide you with the endodontics treatment you may need.

Knowing You Have a Root Canal Problem

Knowing when to go to your dentist is needed so that treatment isn’t delayed. If you’re suffering from pain in one of your teeth when you eat or drink something that’s cold or hot, then it might be due to a problem with your root canal. Another symptom to look out for is severe and sudden pain.

Pulp and Root Canal Diseases

Pulpitis is inflammation of the pulp. Early on it is reversible but left untreated the damage becomes irreversible. Simple treatments may be used to treat reversible pulpitis. Irreversible pulpitis, on the other hand, will need root canal treatment. If the damage is too severe, the entire tooth may need to be removed.

Pulp calcification occurs when the pulp tissue surrounding the nerve becomes calcified like a stone. These calcifications end up compressing the nerve and lead to severe pain. Endodontic treatment is needed here to remove any calcified tissue and decompress the nerve.

Finally, if there’s damage to the outside of the tooth, the nerve and root canal end up being exposed. Apart from the pain, they also become more liable for infection. Root canal treatment to install a filling could solve the problem.

Endodontics sounds like a complicated and dangerous word, but it’s nothing to worry about. Here at Caring Dentistry of Queens, we can handle your endodontics needs. We’ll also answer any questions you may have and explain all procedures to you before we begin.

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