Fluoride Treatment in Richmond Hill, NY

Fluoride is the most popular mineral in the world of dentistry. The vast majority of toothpaste on the market have fluoride as a major component, which is something we appreciate here at Caring Dentistry of Queens in Richmond Hill, NY.

The importance of fluoride stems from its value in protecting our teeth. The well-known mineral helps inhibit bacterial proliferation, thereby decreasing the likelihood of dental infections. It can also boost tooth healing as long as the damage is minimal and microscopic.

At Caring Dentistry of Queens, we can provide fluoride treatments to our patients. We’ll also be able to tell whether they’re necessary for you and how often you should get a fluoride treatment.

Systemic Fluoride

We’re all exposed to fluoride systemically regularly. Our water supplies are supplemented with healthy amounts of fluoride. The mineral is present in many of our food products, too. The idea that our teeth can only benefit from local fluoride is false, or else it wouldn’t be added to our water.

For some people, systemic fluoride isn’t enough, and local treatments are recommended.

Local Fluoride

Local fluoride is available in most toothpaste types available, but it’s not too concentrated. For people who need sufficient amounts of fluoride, in-office fluoride treatments are the answer. These can be done via rinses or applied using a brush in the form of gel, solution, or foam.

Again, not everyone needs to get fluoride treatments. Others need them at varying intervals. These intervals are usually every three, six, nine, or twelve months. The worse a person’s oral hygiene and overall dental condition, the more frequent treatments they’ll need.

We get questions about what a person can and can’t do after treatment. After we’re done, we’ll usually provide you with any important instructions. Generally, though, it’s recommended that you avoid eating, drinking, or rinsing your mouth for about half an hour after treatment. This is to give your teeth enough time to absorb and benefit from the fluoride.

Fluoride treatments are simple and don’t take any time. Additionally, they’re not painful, which is something a lot of people worry about.

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