Extractions in Richmond Hill, NY

Although dentists try to save teeth when they can, some teeth are not salvageable if the root breaks or an accident forces it from the mouth. In these cases, an extraction is often necessary to get the entire tooth out of the mouth because it can decay. Here is what to expect if you need a tooth pulled.

The Extraction Process

There are three main reasons for extracting teeth. They are either damaged due to trauma, they are diseased, or they are too crowded in your mouth. Many times, crooked teeth don’t have room to spread out, so they become crowded.

To help prevent cavities from forming due to food particles in the crevices between teeth, or to straighten the teeth, one of our dentists at Caring Dentistry of Queens will extract the crowded teeth. Then, our dentist in Richmond Hill, NY will recommend braces or a retainer to straighten the teeth to improve your appearance.

Examining the Teeth

If you’ve been in an accident and a tooth gets knocked out or breaks, our dentist at Caring Dentistry of Queens will examine your teeth to determine if the tooth is salvageable. If the dentist determines that it isn’t, then he or she will prepare you for an extraction. You may receive a sedative, like laughing gas, to relax you and make you more comfortable before getting an injection to numb the tooth

Extracting a Tooth

After the mouth is numb, the dentist will work on loosening the tooth for extraction in Richmond Hill, NY. Sometimes, the tooth may need surgical extraction, in which case, your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon who will pull the tooth. Surgical extractions take place for impacted wisdom teeth, a badly decayed tooth, or one that has broken at the root.

Most extractions, which are simple extractions, take place in our dentists’ offices at Caring Dentistry of Queens. Our dentists have extensive training in extractions in Richmond Hill, NY. They can also help you select a replacement tooth or braces for teeth that need straightening to improve your teeth’s appearance.

Extractions do not hurt because our dentists take care to make sure you are comfortable before, during, and after the procedure.

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