Dental Implant Restoration in Richmond Hill, NY

For patients who are missing one or more permanent teeth, dental implants can be a life-changing solution. Dental implants provide replacement titanium roots as a foundation for teeth designed to replace your natural ones. This restores not only the aesthetics of your mouth by filling the gaps caused by tooth loss, but dental implants also restore proper mouth functioning when it comes to chewing and even speaking.

Since dental implants are designed to be a permanent solution to tooth loss and function the same as your natural teeth, it can be devastating if your implant suffers any damage. Thankfully, our dentist in Richmond Hill, NY, is here to help. Caring Dentistry of Queens offers dental implant restoration near you.

Potential Damage to Implants

Like regular teeth, replacement teeth as part of the dental implants process are subject to damage. This is especially true in cases of trauma to the patient’s mouth or teeth, which can cause chips or breakage in both natural and replacement teeth.

In most cases, a resulting fracture in an implanted tooth does not affect the nerves, connectors, or titanium posts that make up a full dental implant. Therefore, any potential damage to dental implants is likely to be to the replacement tooth, which can be professionally and effectively restored.

Dental Implant Restoration Near You

If the damage to your implant is due to a fracture of some kind, such as a chip or break, our dentist near you will assess this replacement tooth and determine if a new one should be made and attached. If there is damage to the titanium root that anchors the replacement tooth, treatment will be provided to restore the implant. These restoration measures will once again ensure the healthy appearance and functioning of your teeth and mouth.

Patients who undergo the process of dental implants understand that it is a multi-step and time-consuming procedure. Therefore, it’s important to know that implants can be restored if necessary. If you have suffered any damage to an implant, contact Caring Dentistry of Queens for more information. Our dental team provides professional dental implant restoration in Richmond Hill, NY.

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