In-office Bleaching in Richmond Hill, NY

If your teeth look dull and dingy, you may be considering what type of teeth whitening product would be best for you. However, instead of buying an over-the-counter product that may not work as well as you’d like, consider an in-office bleaching treatment to get your smile bright and white.

Why Consider an In-office Bleaching Treatment?

There are many reasons you need to consider getting an in-office treatment to whiten your teeth. One of the primary reasons is that in-office treatments from our dentists at Caring Dentistry of Queens in Richmond Hill, NY, are usually better than over-the-counter products.

When one of our dentists performs a whiting treatment, they can get your teeth much whiter than an over-the-counter treatment because the solution is stronger. Most commercial whitening products can get teeth one to three shades whiter, depending on the type of product that you use.

However, professional-grade bleaches can get teeth up to eight shades whiter due to the strength of the whitening formula.

Quicker Results

Along with getting teeth whiter, when our dentists at Caring Dentistry of Queens whiten your teeth, you will see results that day. With commercial whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, and mouth rinses, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to start seeing brighter, whiter teeth in Richmond Hill, NY.

Not only does it take more time to see results, but it costs more money because of how much of the product you’ll need to use to get those results. For instance, you will need to use whitening strips for a few days to see whiter teeth or, if you use a mouth rinse, it could take several weeks to get results.

Potential Damage to Teeth

Many people choose whitening toothpaste to brighten their teeth because of its reasonable cost and they need to brush their teeth daily anyway. However, whitening toothpaste contains abrasives that can cause damage to the enamel of your teeth.

While the damage may seem minimal, some light scratching, it can be enough to allow decay-causing bacteria to get into the surface of a tooth, leading to a cavity or gum disease. Instead of buying a commercial whitening product, visit our dentists near you in Richmond Hill to get your teeth bright and white with an in-office bleaching treatment.

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