What is Smile Makeover and How to Get Started?

What is Smile Makeover and How to Get Started?

Aug 01, 2021

Did you know that your life can change positively only with the improvement of your smile? Well, it is possible, but what to do and who to go to? Today Smile Makeovers in Richmond Hill is a reality that will bring you great benefits at all levels.

We are talking about a revolutionary dental treatment, executed with digital techniques to ensure the highest precision; that seeks to give a better appearance to your teeth, renewing your mood and attitude in any situation.

Imagine that you enter a restaurant and they serve you kindly with a big smile, surely you will be more willing to consume and stay for a longer time. You also generate that effect on others and if you have a perfect smile, you will win.

Now let’s have a look at what a Smile Makeover is and how to get started today.

What is a Smile Makeover?

This treatment is performed in 4 key steps, which will provide you with the correct dental alignment. A factor that will make your smile more harmonious, giving you the satisfaction you have always sought; in addition to other relevant aspects for your oral health, such as chewing better.

The smile makeover consists mainly of taking X – rays and intraoral and extra-oral photographs through a powerful scanner; manipulated by experts in Smile Makeovers in Richmond Hill, NYin charge of providing you with the best avant-garde technology.

Then, with the help of advanced software, we will proceed to digital design; With which your ideal smile can be projected, to later develop a 3D model or mockup with the measurements adjusted to your oral area.

This sample of your teeth will allow you to know how it feels to have a smile adapted to your requirements and needs. Without a doubt, you will have a unique experience.

Why is it ideal to have a Smile Makeover?

There are several reasons, everything will depend on your personal goals, which can be easily achieved with the help of this procedure. If you want to get a job promotion or improve your aesthetics, it will give you greater confidence and focus in your search.

Having a smile makeover near you can help bridge the barrier of distance. Did you know that a smile makeover will make you laugh a lot more, as well as considerably reduce stress?

This was confirmed by a study from the University of Kansas, published on a website, where this factor is highlighted as a panacea for stressful events in our lives. Anyway, you decide why to do it, since this decision is very personal.

What does a Smile Makeover entail?

A large number of opportunities and the opening of various social circles will help you generate a better version of yourself.

Dr. Erik Petersen, the coordinator of the World Health Organization’s global program for oral health, explained that: “The existence of discolored or damaged teeth has important effects on the life and daily well-being of people.”

Confidence is everything. If you do not remember what you have failed to achieve due to not having a powerful resource, but no, it is not about money! If not a good smile, it sounds simple but it is a forceful tool.

Options to design your smile

You have at your fingertips hundreds of useful and functional alternatives that will allow you to laugh more this year, from teeth whitening to veneers or resins, but are these options the most suitable or appropriate for you?

The answer could be in front of you. Do you know what orthodontics is? It is a branch of dentistry in charge of correcting specific defects in the position of your teeth.

The objective of this treatment not only obeys the merely aesthetic but also the functional aspect and your oral health; since bite problems that previously caused pain, tooth wear, and even phonetic or pronunciation problems are corrected.


The smile makeover is not a treatment you should take lightly, it comes to achieve what you want, but also to feel confident, sure of yourself, and empowered, thanks to technology developed by the best dental experts.

At Smile Makeovers in Richmond Hill, NY, we work every day for clients who deserve only the best. We have advanced dental plans designed for each profile; thinking of all the needs and special cases that improve your life greatly.

Choose wisely from our wide variety of excellent alternatives or consult with us. We will give you a fast, and efficient service because we understand what you want and what works best.

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