What is Orthodontics Used For?

What is Orthodontics Used For?

May 01, 2022

Teeth serve as the key to our health and happiness, and they must be aligned properly to avoid any pain or discomfort. Misaligned teeth can make you feel uncomfortable chewing or talking. You may also experience pain when biting into your food or drinking from a cup. The cause of misaligned teeth could be narrow jaws that cannot accommodate all the teeth, and this causes them to overlap on each other. Misaligned teeth can cause headaches and pain when they grind against each other.

It is vital to visit an orthodontist in Richmond Hill for an assessment and treatment on which treatment is ideal.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics deals with the alignment of teeth and the treatment of malocclusions. It is a long-term treatment that can take several months or even years to complete. The goal is to move teeth into their ideal position, which will help prevent future problems such as crooked teeth or misaligned jaws.

The first step in orthodontics is to get an assessment from your dentist to examine your teeth and jaw and determine the severity of the malocclusion. If you do, then they will make recommendations on how best to correct them.

Who are Orthodontists and What procedures They

Orthodontists are specialists who provide treatment for crooked teeth and other mouth conditions. They are often involved in diagnosing and treating jaw growth problems, facial appearance, speech, and bite function.

Dentists and orthodontists have many of the same educational requirements. However, after completing dental school and taking the certification test, orthodontists attend an orthodontic residency program for 2-3 years to get specialized training in orthodontics.

The orthodontists are trained to treat and correct several malocclusion, like:

  • Crossbite

Normally, our upper teeth sit on the outside of the bottom teeth, and the upper teeth touch the matching lower teeth. This causes the chewing and clenching to be evenly spread across the mouth. However, when you have crossbites, the upper and the lower teeth do not align properly, causing irregular wear and damage to the teeth.

  • Overbite

Overbite occurs when the upper jaw protrudes beyond the lower jaw. An injury often causes it to the upper jaw or teeth. The overbite can be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on how much gap there is between your top and bottom teeth.

  • Crooked teeth

When teeth are not aligned in the same way, they can cause crooked teeth. This condition can lead to pain and discomfort for people who have it.

A dentist near you might be able to fix crooked teeth using braces or orthodontics that will strengthen your teeth and align them back into place.

  • Gaps between the teeth

Some people have gaps between their teeth because they have a genetic predisposition to having them. Others might have them because they ate poorly or didn’t brush their teeth regularly.

What Does Orthodontic Care Include?

These treatments may include the application of braces, the use of appliances like headgear, or the use of topical agents to help align teeth.

  • Dental braces

Dental braces are a type of orthodontic device made of metal, plastic, or ceramic materials and are fixed with wires to the teeth. The purpose of dental braces is to move teeth into the desired position without damaging them or causing pain.

  • Aligners

Dental aligners are made of durable plastic and metal. They can be customized to fit any patient’s mouth and are available in different sizes and shapes. There are also removable aligner types that allow patients to switch them out.

The most common dental aligners include the Invisalign system, which uses clear plastic aligners.

  • Space maintainers

Dental space maintainers are a type of oral appliance placed in the mouth to help maintain teeth spacing and prevent teeth from coming together. The space maintainers can also help align teeth and improve chewing ability.

  • Retainers

Retainers are removable mouthpieces made to hold teeth in place and prevent them from reverting.

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