Dental emergencies are unforeseeable. Just like with medical emergencies, you can never really anticipate when you will need to rush you or your loved one to our emergency dentistry in Richmond Hill, NY, for medical attention.

Most dental emergency incidences are bound to catch you off guard most of the time. For instance, your child comes back from soccer practice after school with a knocked-out tooth, or you bite into some nuts during a cocktail party and your tooth breaks in the process.

If our patients’ experiences are anything to go by, dental emergencies tend to occur at any time of day or night. This means that they can even happen after office hours when you cannot reach your regular dentist in Richmond Hill, NY, for treatment.

Not being able to reach your regular dentist in Richmond Hill during a dental emergency can leave you feeling helpless and panicked. This will be the scenario if you do not know where to go for medical assistance.

This is why you should have the contact information of an emergency dentist in Richmond Hill, who you can rush in to see in case your dentist is unavailable during an emergency.

Your dentist can help you zero in on a reliable and professional emergency dentist in Richmond Hill, NY.

What Can Be Defined As a Dental Emergency?

Knowing where to go for medical assistance during a dental emergency is just one of the steps you need to take towards preparing for such scenarios. Apart from this, you need to be able to define what a dental emergency is.

It is fundamental for you to be able to tell clearly between a dental emergency and a non-emergency. Doing so will ensure you avoid making an unnecessary trip to our emergency dentist when your dental issue could wait to be resolved during regular working hours.

A dental emergency is any dental issue or problem that demands immediate medical attention. These dental issues tend to be time-sensitive, and the longer they are put off, the higher the risk you stand for developing permanent damage and complications.

Signs that you may be faced with a dental emergency may include:

  • Any loose permanent teeth
  • Severe tooth pain or ache which persists or worsens over time
  • A knocked-out tooth
  • Any persistent bleeding within your oral cavity
  • Any cracked, fractured or broken teeth that are causing you to have any pain or discomfort
  • Persistent mouth ulcers or sores which show no signs of improvement within two weeks
  • If you have any swellings, bulges, knots, or protrusions on your gums
  • If your gums are persistently bleeding
  • If you experience a severe toothache which is accompanied by some tooth sensitivity, a fever, swollen gums, foul breath, and facial swelling
  • If you experience any facial trauma particularly around the mouth or jawbone area

Common Dental Issues Which Are Handled As Emergencies

Some of the dental emergencies we encounter among the patients who visit our emergency dentistry in Richmond Hill, NY, include:

  • Knocked-Out Teeth

This dental emergency may occur due to a traumatic facial injury. It is among one of the most time-sensitive dental emergencies because the longer you take to get treatment, the higher the chances you stand of permanently losing your natural tooth.

You should strive to see our emergency dentist within 30 minutes during such a scenario to ensure your natural tooth stays viable for reinsertion.

When you experience such an emergency, you should carefully pick up your tooth by the crown and avoid interfering with the root at all costs. Rinse it out gently, and try fixing it back into its socket if it’s possible.

If it is not, place the tooth in a container of milk to keep it moist as you rush to our emergency dentist for treatment.

  • Dental Abscess

This is a potentially life-threatening dental infection. It occurs when a pocket of pus forms within the root area of an affected tooth. It is essential to get prompt treatment if you are facing this dental issue, to prevent the infection from spreading further to the head and neck tissues.

A dental abscess is indicated by a severe toothache, fever, foul breath, protrusions on the gums, and tooth sensitivity.

  • Lacerations, Cuts, and Tears

Lacerations within or around your oral cavity can result in excessive bleeding if they are not promptly treated. Any tissue injuries on your tongue, cheeks, lips, or gums that seem to bleed uncontrollably need to be looked at immediately.

During such an emergency, you should try and stop the bleeding using a clean piece of gauze, take a pain killer, and visit our emergency dentist for treatment.

  • Fractured or Broken Teeth

If you experience any fractured or broken teeth primarily due to a traumatic injury that is causing any toothache, you need to see our emergency dentist promptly.

Ignoring this issue could result in even more significant irreversible damage and infections. You should apply a cold compress to reduce facial inflammation, take a painkiller and make your way to our dentist.

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